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Playgrounds may be all fun and games, but here at Miracle Playsystems Michigan, we take them very seriously! Playground planning isn’t just about what activities will be the most popular and fun but what will contribute to the overall growth and wellbeing of the kids and community as a whole. Not all games and activities are suitable for all. We make sure to include a wide variety of activities and do our best to anticipate the needs of both kids and caregivers in a playground environment. By doing so, we hope to create spaces where kids of all abilities and ages can play side by side!

Grouping Similar Play


Orientation Path

Playgrounds are all about having fun, but with so many options to play with and a multitude of sights and sounds, they can also quickly become overwhelming, especially for those with autism or other sensory processing disorders. To avoid this and allow these children to continue utilizing the equipment, we suggest including orientation paths in playground environments that allow kids to pick and choose their activities and levels of participation depending on their abilities and moods.  

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Cozy Space

A cozy, quiet corner is a necessary and comforting spot for when things out on the slides and monkey bars get too rambunctious and can act as a safe space to recover and regroup after becoming overwhelmed or overexerted.


Site Amenities

Playgrounds may be kid-focused but that doesn’t mean we forget about the parents! It's important to include benches and tables where caregivers can rest and watch from a safe distance but which will also provide opportunities for them to have their own social interactions.

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Under the hot sun of a summer day, shade is a desperate necessity for play environments to protect both kids and adults from harmful UV rays, especially those who take medications for epilepsy, cerebral palsy, and autism which make them extremely sensitive to sunlight.


~ BLOG ~

The New Perspective – Autism Acceptance, Appreciation, and Inclusion

This blog post on Autism acceptance, appreciation, and inclusion highlights solutions and insights for challenges parents of children with autism face in playground environments, providing ideas for accessible and encouraging activities and equipment to add to your next playground project.  



By designing a Playground for All, you are part of developing a world of play that is open to all abilities and ages and welcomes all children.

Contact us for more information about our inclusive play products and start designing your own Playground for All today.

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