Introducing Mini City!

Updated: Nov 11, 2021

Mini City is the newest creation of Miracle Recreation, designed for those in their early childhood years to engage in rich, imaginative play and development. Kids will be limited only by their imaginations as they act out scenarios by themselves or build connections with friends.

The Collection

Customize and create your own Mini City by mixing and matching eight unique play structures to create a community that engages children in all six of the stages of play: unoccupied play, solitary play, onlooker play, parallel play, associative play, and cooperative play. Both fun and functional, Mini City encourages child development and motor skills while providing tons of tactile and moveable elements to entertain kids for hours on end.


The goal of Mini City is to not only engage children and exercise their imagination but to bring kids together to socialize and learn from one another. Although Mini City was designed for children 2-5, small additions can be made to make it more accommodating for older children, such as a Ten Spin or Spring Rider. All activities in the Mini City were designed with accessibility in mind and meet Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requirements when installed on accessible surfacing, allowing children of all abilities to come together and play house.

Child Development

With the help of development and inclusive play experts, all elements of Mini City were designed to support child development by providing numerous opportunities for play.

Community Helpers

The patent-pending Community Helpers activity allows kids to step into the shoes of role-models in their life such as doctors, firefighters, police, etc. and act out life as a hero through the lens of their own narrative.


The patent-pending Truck design provides interactive elements beyond the standard steering wheel playground activity.


The patent-pending Playhouse brings “playing house” to a whole new level with numerous activities, allowing kids to emulate the adults in their life as they pretend to cook, clean, care for pets, tend to gardens, and more.

Garden Crawl Tunnel

Children will find it hard to resist the trail of paw prints leading them inside and the garden-themed manipulative objects at either entrance of the Garden Crawl Tunnel. Not just another crawling tube, the Garden Tunnel is a stylish and cozy space for children to play within sight of caregivers. With 42” of length, this element provides a spacious place for an individual child or plenty of room for groups to gather and socialize.

Garden Sensory Wall

A great enhancement for the Garden Crawl Tunnel, the Garden Sensory Wall is a freestanding insert available as one or two pieces. With manipulative objects and ropes at ideal heights, this shrub-like play wall is engaging and accessible for children of all abilities.

Silly Tree

The patent-pending Silly Tree adds a forest-themed element to Mini City with lots of activities and manipulative elements for kids to use in their imaginative play.

Traffic Light

With colored translucent poly-carbonate inserts, the simple design of the Traffic Light gives kids an opportunity to exercise their color recognition abilities and imagination as they play through their mini world.


The Chattery provides a crucial secluded getaway for kids to take a break or for caregivers to watch their children. With a colorful skylight and themed decoration, the chattery can also be used as a gathering place or hangout for children to socialize.

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