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Miracle Playsystems is staffed by professional playground designers who have an extensive background in Landscape Architecture. This enables them to fully comprehend specific design parameters that extend beyond the play structure itself. With the aid of world-class design and rendering software, as well as years of experience, they successfully cultivate and design playsystems and graphics that are universal and inclusive, free of charge.

Universal and Inclusive PlaySystems

No two children are the same, and neither are their play experiences. Therefore, Miracle Playsystems Michigan works to create universal and inclusive play environments that are welcoming, challenging, accessible, and fun. Our designers go above and beyond what is outlined in the Americans with Disabilities Act to provide standards that excel at enhancing every play experience, regardless of age or ability.

Theraputic Swing.jpg

Miracle Playsystems Michigan is dedicated to offering multisensory play environments that children of all ages and abilities will find stimulating. Some of the unique factors our team of designers consider include Vestibular Input, Proprioceptive Input, Tactile, Visual, and Auditory Input, as well as Motor and Social Development. In essence, we take everything into account when carefully designing unique playsystems for all.

Unique Custom Playground Designs and Themes

We can make your creation come to fruition with our Custom Design Studio experience. Our experienced designers and professional staff can help you carefully craft a unique and themed playground design that is sure to capture the minds and hearts of the children who use it. Not only is our team filled with talented individuals and innovative designs, but they come from many backgrounds, including industrial design, architecture, product design, and exhibit design. In addition, they have a wide range of knowledge concerning manufacturing capabilities, safety measures, playground requirements, and the Americans with Disabilities Act. Miracle Playsystems Michigan works alongside architects, engineers, and lively sales representatives to make your dream playground design a tangible reality.

Let Our Custom Design Studio Collaborate with You Today

No matter how unique or themed your custom design playground is, our Custom Design Studio can help see it through from start to finish. Envision prehistoric worlds, natural wonders, train stations, and more. We have even designed Western towns, farms, treehouses, and diverse seascapes. Make your playground stand out with iconic local landmarks or anything else your imagination can think of. We will help you see your dream through and create an innovative playground based on your imagination.

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