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With so many options for indoor activities like video games and TV, outdoor play becomes less and less inviting for today’s children. But, with the right design, the outdoors can be enhanced into the perfect play areas for kids to interact and learn. Made with nature-inspired materials and the highest quality wood, natural playgrounds are designed with sustainability in mind.

The goal of a natural playground is to provide the most play value in the most natural environment. Children thrive in environments where they can discover and explore as they learn and solve challenges, having fun while building their motor and problem-solving skills, expanding their imaginations and inquisitive natures. To create the perfect setting for this, we create a space that has a no-holds-barred feeling by giving them a space to play that feels like a slice of wild nature life with unlimited possibilities for play, but which has the necessary safety measures to keep parents from worrying.

Photo Credit:  Lisa Winner Photography

Photo Credit:  Lisa Winner Photography



1.  Makes Kids Healthier             

Regularly engaging in active play during childhood is the best predictor for having a healthy tendency towards being active during adulthood.

2.  Makes Kids Smarter                     

Nature is an intrinsic teacher and will stimulate and help to develop kids’ bodies and minds. 

3.  Makes Kids Feel Better        

Playing outdoors in green spaces has been proven to decrease attention deficit hyperactivity in children while exposure to sunlight can boost mood.

4.  Good For The Earth           

Lifelong conservation values are a commonly proven benefit of frequent unstructured play in natural settings.


Photo Credit:  Lisa Winner Photography



Robinia Wood

  • Robinia wood is a suitable choice for making playground equipment as it is extremely durable and highly bendable, withstanding even the highest levels of pressure.

  • Robinia logs are made entirely of heartwood, which starts out as a golden color that will darken into grey when left untreated.

  • Norna products are FSC-certified and sustainability harvested.

Cedar Wood

  • Cedarwood is a beautiful wood for playgrounds as it is smooth and soft. Although it is lighter than other hardwoods, it is resistant to rot, insects, and water damage. It is also recyclable and sustainable, making it an environmentally friendly yet durable choice.



  • PolyfiberCrete creates the look of concrete in a more kid-friendly way by molding structures through a patented process combining cellular concrete, polymer additives, molds, sand, air bubbles, and sandblasting into a cement-like material. This creates a more lightweight product with a less abrasive surface that allows for easier climbing and less scraped knees while still being extremely durable.


  • Playground ropes are a great way to add a sense of adventure to any play environment and provide a climbing activity that doesn’t create a large footprint, saving space. Easy to maintain and repair, ropes have the added advantage of having naturally high visibility for caregivers to keep an eye on children as they play. They also provide a high level of exercise that will develop children of all ages’ core muscles and balance.

Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete

  • Glass fiber reinforced concrete is more sustainable and lightweight than regular concrete and much more adaptable as it can be molded into nearly any shape, color, or texture to fit any theme.


Wood Fiber

  • Wood fiber absorbs impacts easier than regular wood and has better slip-resistant qualities, allowing it to meet accessibility guidelines when installed properly. Wood fiber is also extremely affordable and easy to maintain and is made of pure natural material to avoid negative health or environmental effects.

Artificial Turf

  • Artificial turf has a natural appearance but is cleaner than dirt, real grass, or wood fiber. Requiring little maintenance and no cutting like real grass, artificial turf is a great long-lasting and durable option.

Rubberized Surfacing

  • Rubberized surfacing reduces impact and accommodates both foot and wheel traffic (ADA) for accessibility needs while also being economical, quick to install, and highly adaptable. The surface comes in a wide range of color and design options to fit any playground environment.


  • Sand is a wonderful sensory material that provides the two-in-one benefit of being both a play material and an easily maintained surface. Sand is highly economical and easy to install while requiring little to no maintenance.


For more information about our Nature Play products, please view our Nature Play Presentation below. You can also contact a local Michigan sales representative to set up an in-person presentation.

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At Miracle Playsystems Michigan, we believe in keeping the ‘play’ in playground. We know that designing a play environment can be stressful and want to make the process of planning and purchasing equipment as easy as it can be. So, we’ve compiled all the need-to-know information you should have in one place to help you through the process. From planning and designing to funding, installation, and even long-term maintenance plans, we have you covered.

For more information about Embankment Slides, please see the presentation below or contact a local Michigan sales representative to set up an in-person presentation.

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